Protect Your Wages

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Have creditors started to hound you about money you owe them? Your wages could be at risk of being taken away from you. If you owe a creditor money, they can take legal action to attempt to recover what you owe them through wage garnishment.
While creditors aren’t allowed to take action until all legal processes have been followed, once judgment is obtained, they have the following options to gain control over your money owed:

• Garnish your wages
• Garnish your bank account
• Garnish your tax refund
• Take your property

Joseph L. Grima and Associates P.C. is here to protect your wages, explore your options and help you take back control of your financial situation. If you’re ready to get started, call toll free at 800-603-3333 or locally at 313-417-8422 to schedule a free consultation.